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-Music- In My Soul by kcimaginary -Music- In My Soul by kcimaginary
Should be "(Music) In My Soul." Dumb dA.

Oil paint! Oh how messy you are.

An assignment from my painting class. We just had to find a picture and paint it in monochrome, since we had only painted in oils once before and it was black and white.

It's Christine Lorentzen, the lead in a band called Cryoshell. My Bionicle buds will know who she is. I'm not necessarily a huge fan of her but she's pretty and I liked this wallpaper of her so I painted it.

Painted on gesso coated paper. We aren't good enough for canvas, apparently.xD That is yet to come! But painting the gesso on the paper to prep it is pretty fun...
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MonsterGaga1054 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016  Student Artist
Cryoshell will be return with a new album
Jezzak Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011
SO pretty! And accurate! I love the blue tone. ^^
kcimaginary Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! I do love blue but after doing this...I'm done with blue for a month or two.xD
SakuraHorses Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Really good :D :D Love it ;) :floating:
kcimaginary Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you ^^
romansoldierdude Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooh, this is cool, I especialleh like the use of different shades of blue. Who cares if it was required, you made it cool. :D

I think the coolest part is the rune-stuff on her arm... does she actually have those? I can't recall. Being the cyberpunk fiend I am, I totaly dig that. XD

But yeah, nice job on her! I can't say I was ever totally into Cryoshell (not quite my genre, still appreciate alt-rock though), but I think I like them more now then I actually did back during my days of liking BIONICLE. Oh, and I totally knew who this was seeing it in the newfeed, nice likeness. :)
kcimaginary Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks~ And I did have a pretty good time with it, once my initial period of frustration at the medium was over.xD

The picture I referenced was one of their first wallpapers...can't find it online, but I think it was digitally added. I dunno really.*shrug* If it was, I'd dig it too :D

I'm not a Cryoshell person either...not a fan of Christine's voice particularly, but I appreciate the music more now than then too. But Christine is pretty and I liked the shape she made with her raised arm, so I painted her~
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March 1, 2011
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